& Smiles

In the residential rooms we plan, design and build, you can find an activity center which provides a solution for general tenant population by creating various activity spaces:

An infant activity space | a children’s’ activity space | an activity space for adolescents | an adult space | a study and workspace.

Our residential rooms turn the building’s public space into a safe and protected area which is both designed and practical, and provide your asset with a significant advantage, all in the standard of a luxury building.

You determine the division of compounds in the space, define your tenants’ needs and control the level of cleanliness, security, and safety.

We –

  • characterize your needs and plan the best solution 
  • bring the professionals, the best in the field
  • carefully choose the various materials and elements
  • design and provide an overall solution, ready to use upon delivery 
  • build and install the accompanying facilities and systems: electricity, lighting, wi-fi, entry code, closed-circuit cameras
  • meet all the regulations and safety principles for infants, children and adults
  • involve excellent professional advisers: child development, ergonomics, acoustics and more
  • provide full service throughout the entire process
  • listen to your needs and develop additional services for you which are precisely adapted to your needs
  • build an opportunity for community life for the tenants

Tenants Room Planning

Planning, designing and setting up a residential compound inspired by a jungle, circus, urban design or any other theme of your choice.
In the given space, we plan and combine activity areas for children, areas for leisure, sitting, study and work for adults and an acoustic work area which enables a quiet space alongside the ability to supervise and observe the children.

מתחם דיירים במגדל יוקרה | תכנון, עיצוב וביצועמתחם דיירים במגדל יוקרה | תכנון, עיצוב וביצוע

The modularity, which is unique only to us, allows for dynamism and a change in appearance and design theme, so you can continue to diversify your activities and interests in the space – with a minimum of time and investment.

מתחם דיירים במגדל יוקרה | תכנון, עיצוב וביצועמתחם דיירים במגדל יוקרה | תכנון, עיצוב וביצוע

It is possible to change the theme of the activity and diversify the games and facilities offered to children, without the need for renovation or significant investments.

מתחם דיירים במגדל יוקרה | תכנון, עיצוב וביצועמתחם דיירים במגדל יוקרה | תכנון, עיצוב וביצוע

Keeping eye contact with children when working in a quiet, acoustic capsule or having a pleasant conversation with neighbors.

Indoor Playroom in a luxury residential building

Designing playroom in an existing space that is very small in size and that needs to address a variety of ages, is a challenge we love.

The result is a perfect playroom in a prestigious building in the heart of Tel Aviv, with maximum utilization of space and while providing a multi-age space.

Residential room with a clean design concept

Designing, planning, and setting up a residential compound with a clean design look.

The inspiration and combination of materials are taken from the Scandinavian design worlds, with an emphasis on the use of natural wood.

The space includes various activity options for all tenants: Activity for infants and children, family activities, study and work areas and unique elements for teens.