Way InFuntasy?


Why InFuntasy?

A team, including the best professionals in the field.

With a great passion for working with people, creating change an a positive influence on those around us, years of proved experience in Israel and the world, knowledge of the innovation front in the field of recreation, connections with leading vendors around the world and successful accompaniment of multiple projects.

This is what drives us and allows us to create the magic in each and every project.

For over 12 years, we have been planning, designing, and setting up projects in Israel and the world for hotels, luxury cruises, malls, schools and various public institutions.

We’re attentive to your needs, understand your audience and your dream. We commit to walk with you every step of the way, aim for your success and even enjoy the joint creative process together, during and after your dream comes true.


our team


our team

Roy Meiri, Co. Partner & CEO

Designer, creator, and founder of activity compounds for infants, children, teenagers and adults in Israel and abroad. Over 12 years’ experience in planning and setting up 60 different projects in Israel and abroad.

Has led a variety of complex and prestigious projects in different roles such as the pediatric department in the Barzilai hospital in Ashdod, a prestigious children’s club in the Dan Caesarea hotel and more.

Eldar J. Biton, Head of Design

Architect and designer, owner of the kuns studio, graduated from Shenkar, with a master’s degree and specialization in building preservation and interior design. Over 8 years’ experience together with Roy, the company’s CEO and a partner in a number of important projects including the pediatric department in the Barzilai hospital, the Caesarea Dan hotel, the Leonardo hotel in Cyprus and more.

Ella Avieli, Head of Projects & Marketing

An Entrepreneur. Leading project manager with various specializations in the digital, operations and management fields.

Information systems consultant, with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and the Organizational Consulting program in Bar Ilan

Dov Schwartz, R.I.P

An entrepreneur and expert in the field of arcades and children’s compounds.

Our mentor, friend and business Partner.
His good heart and wisdom will always be part of us.

What do we offer?

Our services include consulting, accompaniment, adaptation and setting up of activity, study and play compounds for infants, children, adolescents, and adults.


Planning and design services for activity compounds for infants and children, various attractions for private entrepreneurs including locating the right vendors, producing work programs and close accompaniment in the operation stage and initial period of activity.


Planning and designing study compounds, educational activity centers and spaces in educational institutions.


Designing and planning designated spaces for children in medical centers, clinics and hospitals with an emphasis on health-related aspects, adapted to requirements and standards.


Importing and developing a variety of unique products and children’s attraction for various audiences


Planning and design services of play and activity compounds for adolescents as a unique solution for hotels, resort sites and activity centers. Combination of gaming products, interactive compounds and an inviting mingling area.


Setting up activity compounds for children and teenagers based on advanced VR technologies and development of designated games in a Virtual Reality (VR) environment.


First and foremost, we offer our customers:

First and foremost, we offer our customers:

  • Thinking outside the box, creativity, and imagination
  • Perfect adaptation for varying target audiences in accordance with the customer’s specifications
  • A promise of the best products in both quality and durability
  • Close accompaniment of the customer from the planning stage, through setting up and up to beginning of activity